About Us

Welcome to Tumblinas. Yes! Seriously, Tumblinas has become popular because of the famous social media Tumblr. This blog has become to reality when our friends suggested this idea of building something similar to Tumblr, just that managed by few people. Tumblinas is from the word Tumblr which is a blog for people who love photography and those who wanted to earn a living out of the images that they took. In this blog, you will find some amazing and helpful articles, training, tips and basic information or knowledge about stock photos. This is what we do at first, we take pictures and as the time  goes by we learn how to make money of the photos that we took. Definitely, you can sell them and earn a real living out of it.

Hope you will find our articles from our blog helpful and hope you will share them in social media, especially in tumblr. Thank you and have a good one!