Adobe Stock Drives Photoshop Use Up

Adobe Stock is set to go into business in a big way. With millions of stock images, the website is also offers illustrations and graphics. Thousands of creative folks use Adobe’s Creative cloud applications for their photo-editing assignments. With that being said, Adobe hopes to sell photos and art to the same customers with the promise of cost-efficient images, easy and fast photo-editing.

How can Adobe increase the use of its tools?

Through Adobe Stock, Adobe hopes its Creative Cloud members will also get 40 million cheap stock photos and clip-art from the company. To attract its existing customers, the company offers up to 40% when they subscribe to an image plan. If you are using PhotoShop, InDesign, Illustrator or other Adobe tools, this can save you a lot of money. Moreover, you can also save a lot of time from downloading the images to your computer. They are directly saved to your library for easy and fast access.

With that promise, many Creative Cloud members are enticed to use the stock photo service as their personal image source. In fact, this integration alone garnered a whopping 8.8 score from both experts and creative folks.

How can Creative Cloud users get Adobe Stock?  

Adobe Stock is the firm’s new attempt at a marketplace for stock photos. Creative Cloud users can access the stock photo service through the 2015 update. The service is built right into the applications. Since majority of professional photographers are already using PhotoShop and other Adobe applications, the company aims to become its own dealer in order to simplify the buying process.

The website can be opened from any Creative Cloud application. From there, you can browse for whatever you like. Just like other photo websites, the images in Adobe Stock include details like the creator, watermarks, size and format. Once you purchase a photo, it will be saved to the Creative Cloud library immediately, making it available for any Creative Cloud application you are using.

What is Adobe Stock’s best feature? 

The photo service’s best feature comes with trying out a preview before actually purchasing the image. Through its implementation with Adobe applications, you can try out a preview of the image by adjusting and adding layers of effects to the low-resolution, watermarked version. Once you purchase the image, the high-resolution image will be automatically applied to the project. Plus, all the added effects will remain intact.

Adobe Stock offers several purchasing options. You can have the basic $9.99 per image or subscribe to a plan. Adobe says that unused photo credits can be rolled over for up to one year or an equivalent of 120 images. Non-Creative Cloud members can also purchase photos, but for a high cost.

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