PixelRockstar: WordPress Image Library Review

Are you looking for a wordpress image library to complete your creative projects? You don’t have to look very far. While there are a number of plugins in the market, PixelRockstar is the one to get. It is backed by stock photo expert, Amos Struck, and removes common limitations that drive most online publishers away from traditional image sources.


  • Has a library filled with over 4 million high quality images
  • Easy to use interface
  • Support for social media networks
  • Optimized images with SEO-friendly captions
  • Various image choices
  • Legally safe images
  • Images are yours to use forever
  • Add media directly to your posts
  • Best prices
  • Download timeframe of one year
  • Up to 2000 pixel images

Price: Free. The plugin itself is for free. But, you need to purchase the image packages to download images. Not to worry! The packages are absolutely low-cost. You can download an image for as

low as $0.57.

PixelRockstar has the wordpress image library that rocks! With millions of high quality and legally safe images in the collection, you will surely find one that fits your theme and style. But keep in mind that you cannot use the images under these circumstances:

  1. Hate or sexual context. PixelRockstar images should not be used in sensitive and illegal contexts, just like any other images on the Internet. If you are in doubt, contact their support team.
  2. Illegal messages. Images should not be edited to include hateful, sexual and defamatory texts.
  3. Sell, distribute or share images. You cannot share, sell or distribute the images as your own.
  4. Physical use. The license only allows you to use the images in digital use. You cannot use them in printable goods such as T-shirts, mugs and posters. They are limited to social media and website use only.

We hope this wordpress image library review can help you decide whether PixelRockstar is the best plugin for you or not!


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